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Yard Debris Removal

Transform your outdoor space with Clutter Boyz, your trusted provider of premium yard debris removal and clean-up services. We are committed to enhancing the look of your outdoor area, offering efficient debris removal and seasonal cleanups. Discover our services and experience the joy of a pristine, well-maintained yard. 

What is Yard Debris Removal ?

Yard debris removal ensures a clean, safe, and visually appealing outdoor space. We efficiently clear all types of debris caused by seasonal changes, storms, or natural shedding. Here's what you can expect from our yard debris removal services :


Efficient Debris Cleaning

Our professional team specializes in the quick and effective removal of yard debris, such as fallen leaves, grass clippings, branches, and tree limbs. We ensure your yard is free from clutter and ready for your enjoyment.


Hazard Mitigation

If left unattended, yard debris can pose safety hazards. Fallen branches, leaves, and other items can create trip and fall risks, especially for children and pets. Our debris removal services help eliminate these potential dangers. 


Seasonal Cleanup

Whether it's spring, summer, autumn, or winter, our yard debris removal services are tailored to the specific needs of each season. We adapt our approach to address seasonal challenges and ensure your yard remains in top condition year-round.

We take care of various items cluttering your outdoor space, leaving it clean and tidy. Our services cover :


Leaves and Grass Clippings

As seasons change, leaves and grass clippings can pile up in your yard. We'll swiftly clear them away, so your yard looks neat and orderly.


Branches and Tree Limbs

After storms or strong winds, your yard might have fallen branches and tree limbs. Our team will safely remove them, making your yard safer and more appealing.


Old Furniture and Appliances

If you have old furniture or appliances in your yard, we can help. We can remove these items, instantly reclaiming space and improving the overall appearance of your yard. 


General Yard Cleanup

Our yard cleanup services go beyond just removing debris. We'll tackle weeding, trimming, and other tasks to ensure your yard looks its best.


Miscellaneous Yard Items

Our services are flexible, and we're happy to remove various miscellaneous items that have found their way into your yard, ensuring it remains clutter-free and welcoming.

Yard Clean-Up and Removal - Items We Haul Away

Yard Clean-up and Junk Removal Pricing

We recognize the significance of transparent pricing for our yard clean-up and junk removal services. We are committed to ensuring you understand the financial aspect of investing in our services. To achieve this, we offer various avenues for you to get an accurate estimate, including the following : 


On-Site Pricing

Our pricing is tailored specifically to what you have, and we provide free, no-obligation estimates. Time and again, we have proven this approach to be highly effective, addressing concerns raised by customers who’ve experienced pricing changes from other companies upon arrival at their homes or locations. With us, you’ll have complete clarity about our charges right from the start. 

Send Us a Photo

If you can snap photos of the items you'd like us to remove, please send them to us at 909-736-9575. We'll promptly respond with a preliminary estimate. In cases where your items are spread across various areas on your property, you can send us multiple photos. It's important to note that this estimate serves as an initial assessment and doesn't represent the final price. During our on-site visit, we will perform a thorough evaluation and provide you with a free, no-obligation price.


Talk to our Team 

Finally, you can contact our dedicated customer service team via phone or email. We can provide you with an estimated price range, but it is our skilled technicians who will determine the final, no-obligation price on-site. 

Ready to enjoy a cleaner, more organized yard or have that unsightly junk removed from your property? Get in touch with Clutter Boyz today for a personalized quote tailored to your specific needs. 

Frequently-Asked Questions


Why is it Important to Remove Yard Debris ?

Removing yard debris is essential to maintain a clean and safe outdoor environment, reduce fire hazards, and enhance the visual appeal of your property.


What is an Example of Yard Waste ?

Examples of yard waste include fallen leaves, grass clippings, tree branches, and weeds. 


What is the Difference Between Yard Waste and Garden Waste ? 

Yard waste typically refers to debris from your yard, such as leaves and branches. Meanwhile, garden waste relates to plant-based materials like pruned branches and plant clippings from garden maintenance.

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